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Current German Intensive Course Schedule

Created on 08.02.2019

Last Update 08.02.2019

Our current German-Intensive-Course Schedule for the Summer Semester 2019

Please pay attention that there are legal holiday, on which there will be no courses. For your convenience, we put together a list these dates, which you can find below the course table.

Legal holidays (course-free days) and other important dates for 2019/20:

Sommersemester 2019

Beginning of Course

Beginning of March 2019

Legal holidays and course-free days

15th - 20th April 2019 (Easterholidays)
1st May (National Holiday)
30th May (Ascension Day)
10th June (Whit Monday)
20th June (Corpus Christi)
1st July - 30th September (Summerholidays)

End of Course

End of June 2019

Wintersemester 2019/20

Beginning of Course

Beginning of October 2019

Gesetzliche Feiertage und kursfreie Tage

1st November (All Saints)
25th December (Christmas Day)
26th December (Boxing Day)
1st January (New Years)
6th January (Feast of Epiphany)
1st - 29th February (Semesterholidays)

End of courseEnd of January 2020