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Current VWU-Course Schedule

All relevant dates about courses and exams

Created on 05.02.2019

Last Update 08.02.2019

Our current VWU-Courses in 2019

Please pay attention that there are legal holiday, on which there will be no courses. For your convenience, we put together a list these dates, which you can find below the course table.
You can find our courses here:

Semsterkurse VWU Wintersemester 2019/20

Semesterkurse VWU: Kosten: € 1.230.- / 320 UE
Anfänger ohne Vorkenntnisse
AN-0101.10.19-31.01.2007.45-11-051010, Dominikanerbastei 6/6 HS4Motive A1/A2Mag. Andreas Hallinger
Anfänger mit geringen Vorkenntnissen
AV-0101.10.19-31.01.2008.00-11.201010, Ebendorferstr. 8, Konferenzz.Motive A1/A2Mag a. Katja Stipinovic
AV-0201.10.19-31.01.2011.10-14.301010, Dominikanerbastei 6/6 HS4Motive A1/A2Mag. Dr. Jürgen Lenk
Studierende mit erweiterten Vorkenntnissen
EV-0101.10.19-31.01.2007.45-11.051010, Dominikanerbastei 6/6 HS6Motive A2/B1Mag a. Doris Neidl
EV-0201.10.19-31.01.2011.10-14.301010, Dominikanerbastei 6/6 HS6Motive A2/B1Mag a. Gabi Migdalek
EV-0301.10.19-31.01.2014.35-17.551010, Dominikanerbastei 6/6 HS6Motive A2/B1Mag. Kai Kugler
EV-0401.10.19-31.01.2014.35-17.551010, Dominikanerbastei 6/6 HS7Motive A2/B1Gentiana Kristo, MA
FG-0101.10.19-31.01.2007.45-11.051010, Dominikanerbastei 6/6 HS7Aspekte B1+/B2Mag a. Marzena Nowak
FG-0201.10.19-31.01.2011.10-14.301010, Dominikanerbastei 6/6 HS7Aspekte B1+/B2Alina Schütz, MA
FG-0301.10.19-31.01.2014.35-17.551010, Dominikanerbastei 6/6 KSAspekte B1+/B2Emanuel Exers, MA
FG-0401.10.19-31.01.2014.35-17.551010, Dominikanerbastei 6/6 HS4Aspekte B1+/B2Mag. Jakob Ortis
WF-0101.10.19-31.01.2007.45-11.051010, Dominikanerbastei 6/6 KSAspekte B2/C1Mag a. Maria Spassova, MA
WF-0201.10.19-31.01.2011.10-14.301010, Dominikanerbastei 6/6 KSAspekte B2/C1Angelika Mazur, BA
Kursdauer: 78 Tage, täglich 200 Minuten inkl. 15 Minuten Pause und ink. 3,5 UE Outdoor-Veranstaltungen


Legal holidays (course-free days) and other important dates for 2019/20:

Wintersemester 2019/20

Registration First-Timers

19th August - 4th September 2019                            

Registration Follow-Ups

19th June- 27th September 2019

Placement Tests

23rd August - 26th September 2019

Course assignment notification

27th September 2019
Beginning of the course1st October 2019

Legal holidays and course-free days

1st November (Allerheiligen)
25th December (Christtag)
26th December (Stefanitag)
1st January (New Years)
6th January (Heilige Drei Könige)
1st - 29th February (Semesterholidays)

End of the courseEnd of January 2020
Semesterend - University30th April 2020
Summer Semester 2020

Registration First-Timers

20st January – 4th February 2020

Registration Follow-Ups

20st January - 28th February 2020

Placement Tests

24th January - 26th February 2020

Course assignment notification

End of February 2020
Beginning of the course24th February - 2nd March 2020

Legal holidays and course-free days

06th - 13th April 2020 (Easterholidays)
1st May (Nationalfeiertag)
21th May (Christi Himmelfahrt)
01th June (Pfingsten)
11th June (Fronleichnam)
6st July - 30th September (Summerholidays)

End of the course19th June - 03th July 2020
Semesterend - University30th September 2020