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Language Course needed for most Vienna Universities

VWU Course Programme


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Created on 05.02.2019

Last Update 05.02.2019

Is a VWU course the right course for you?

Here is the most important indication: If you have an Admission Letter for one of the following universities, then a VWU-Course is the right course for you.

  • Medical University of Vienna | MUVI
  • Technical University of Vienna | TU
  • University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Vienna | BOKU
  • University of Vienna | UNIVIE
  • University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna | VetMed
  • University of Economics and Business Vienna | WU

To simplify your way to the university and you German course, we provided this Inscription Compass for you. Choose the option that fits you best and get started right away!

If you intend to study at a different university or have different intentions to learn German at all, we have you covered, too - just see below!

You want to know, what VWU (Vorstudienlehrgang der Wiener Universitäten = University Preparation Programme of the Vienna Universities) actually means? Learn more about it here.

What other options do I have, if I do not have an Admission Letter for one of the aforementioned universities?

If you need an ÖSD- or ÖIF-diploma, we have you covered, too! Have a look at our offers here: Our Course Offers